Dongjune Lee

Dongjune Lee
Fiber (Disperse Dye)


Born in S. Korean 1970. He studied in industrial craft arts with 4 fields; Fiber craft,
Textile Design, Ceramics, and Wood craft. After graduated, he came to New York City
and worked at a small design company for four years. Then, in order to study more in
fine arts, he moved to Texas and studied in studio art major; painting and drawing.

After MFA degree, he came back to New York City and he is drawing and painting also he
attend a class in National Academy Museum & School. Currently, with the membership
in Artist-Craftsmen of New York since 2010 and The Art Students League of New York
since 2009, he work as a private teacher in drawing, web design field, and Heat Transfer
dye technique workshops in New York and New Jersey.


Artist statement

A windy day in spring and the flow of time, I breathe with my childhood
memories. I want and try to keep the precious memories throughout my breathe.
Whenever I lay my eyes on the red wine, the Zinfandel, I fall in the reminiscence
of my mother who indeed enjoyed and appreciated the taste of its flavor. This
moment I recall and cherish for I miss her presence. Can I seize this moment?
We spend time in increments, and we greet the next season without any
notice of its approaching. Although we are able to tell the time and consult the
calendar, we cannot seize the drifting time. Therefore, we cannot stop a slice of
life when it is in full blooming. In spite of my own volition, it is hard to discern
the ongoing flow of time. Yes, I couldn’t stop the time. This is why I draw and
paint. My lines and colors are printed with my breath and my memories. Then, on
my canvas, I lay down my histories and my voice.
The sequence in time is to the specific moment within our continuative own
life. Between a moment and the next moment, my brush-stroke is expressed with
lines only. Then, the lines will remain on canvas ‘til tomorrow. Nothing comes of

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