Shula Mustacchi

Shula Mustacchi

The Former President of Artist craftsmen of New York
Collage, Fiber, Mosaic


     Shula Mustacchi is a mixed media artist who has lived in the U.S.A. for the past forty years. She grew up in London, England and graduated from St. Martin’s School of Arts’ fashion department; she spent much of her four years of study at the Victoria and Albert Museums’ textile department studying centuries of rich embroideries and wall hangings, from which her own style of fabric works has evolved; nature is always an inspiration, trees and flowers and birds flow from some surprising materials.

     Working in paper collage, textiles or glass mosaic, Shula’s body of work holds surprises around every corner.  In the course of her long career, Shula has returned again and again with fresh insight and passion to the central themes that occupy her life: city life and architecture, flowers, trees and birds, family themes. With equal ease, Shula snips paper, cuts glass mosaics and sews intricate patterns to create the paint for her many varied canvases.

     Shula has exhibited in London at the Royal Academy of Art, The Mall Galleries and in a solo exhibition at Leighton House Museum.

     She has exhibited her work widely in New York City; at “The City of New York Museum” exhibition ‘New York gets Married” her work was chosen to represent “Jewish Wedding”; she has won many awards for her work, and notably at the Anshe Chesed for “Originality of design in interpreting a traditional Jewish art form”. She has also exhibited extensively in various venues on Long Island. Her work also appeared in calendars and diaries.

     Shula’s mosaic panel of “Manhasset Bay” is permanently installed at the Bay Walk Open Air Museum in Port Washington.

     Shula was for many years president of Artist Craftsmen of New York and is a member of The Art Guild of Port Washington, NY and the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Work.

Vincent, Fabric Collage