Karen Weintraub

I love pattern and color in my art. I realize now that I inherited my visual aesthetic from both of my parents. My father was trained as a machinist, and made sculpture from clay and metal. My mother loved decorating our home with bright colors, textured fabrics, and antiques.

At age three, I began drawing and making sculpture. My father encouraged me to create by bringing home erector sets and building three-dimensional objects. After high school, I wanted to study art but, my father who had encouraged me to become an artist, insisted that I get a liberal arts education first.

I attended the Cornell University for two years, and Columbia University’s School of General Studies, where I married in my junior year. After graduating, I enrolled in the National Academy School of Art where I took classes in anatomy, drawing, sculpture and etching.

Although I continued making art, I spent most of my time raising my family, and working with my husband. After fifty years, the Internet transformed our business, and we retired.

This freed me to become a full time artist. Although I have been a practicing artist for many years, I continue to find the creative process mysterious and exciting. I am inspired by nature and its patterns, shapes, textures, the interactions of colors, and contrasts of light and dark.

I love when others resonate with my artwork – a clay sculpture, a watercolor or a painting – I am especially grateful. This brings me great joy.

Blue and White Terracotta Woman,  12″ x 10″ x 11″

Karen Weintraub
Website: http://www.karenart37.com/