Beverly Marcus

Ceramic Artist by Beverly Marcus

Working with clay has been my passion since my first ceramics class in high school.  Over the years I have made functional and non-functional work, including platters, vases, wall hangings, beads, mugs and much more.  All my work is handbuilt, using slab, coil, and pinching methods as well as sprig molds.  I use oxides, slips and glazes to finish the work.  I use commercial clay now, but have also made my own stoneware, terracotta, porcelain and Egyptian paste in the past.  Currently, I am exploring the many ways to use paper clay for sculptures.

Texture plays an important role in many of my pieces.  I’ll use any object to give texture to the clay, whether or not that is the object’s intended use.  For example, twigs, kitchen utensils, placemats, pasta and dollar store items are all likely to find their way into the design elements of my work.

Surface patterns come from a variety of sources: my imagination, drawings and doodles of my own creation, nature and other images I see around me.

My ceramics has been in several shows and holiday sales.  I enjoy meeting and talking to the people who come to these events.  It’s always interesting to hear what someone says about the work I have done.  In conjunction with this I have recently opened a shop on Etsy called Michele Rose Studio to sell some of my jewelry and other small items.

In addition to working in clay, I enjoy drawing and watercolor painting.  Over the years I have seen how the work I do in one medium influences the work in another.  Sometimes this is intentional on my part, other times it comes as a complete surprise.

Curiosity and the process of making things stretches me in all directions.  It opens me up to new ideas, new friends, and different ways of thinking about the world.  Hopefully, this will continue for a long, long time and be reflected in my art work.


CUNY, Hunter College :Ceramics, Sculpture, Drawing

Studied ceramics with Susan Peterson, Bill Shillallies, Sana Musasama, Jeff Mongrain

West Side YMCA: Ceramics

Studied with Peter Davies, Sheryl Zacharia, Mary Marino, Lisa Chicoyne


Artist-Craftsmen of New York, 2017, 2016, 2015

Tokyo-New York Friendship Ceramic Competition, 2018, 2017, 2016

Ernest Rubenstein Gallery-Group Show

Holiday and Jewelry Sales at West Side YMCA


Artist-Craftsmen of New York

Honorable Mention Award for Ceramics-2017

Honorable Mention Award for Ceramics-2015



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