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ACNY Advertising Image Deadline 4/1/2019 reminder

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Hello 2019 Participants,
This is a friendly reminder that your image for our postcard and other advertising initiatives is due by April 1st.  If possible, email it to me sooner rather than later. 
So far, I have received images from Kay and Joan and 4 others that I don’t remember who they belong to.  Going forward, please save your image using your name before you send it to me. I’m doing multiple things at once and it’s hard to keep track of who is sending me what. 
Thank you all for your help.
Warm Regards,
ACNY Marketing Volunteer

ACNY Members meeting on Jan. 2019

Dear ACNY Members,

Happy New Year! We are excited to be exhibiting back in Chelsea this year. Our meeting yesterday was fruitful and many items were discussed and determined. For those of you who missed the meeting, here are the salient points discussed and the action you need to take immediately and in the near future.

Our gallery show for 2019 will be August 6 to August 24 at the NoHo M55 Gallery at 530 W. 25th St. #408.

Set up day is Monday August 5 and there is a possibility you might be able to bring your work on Sunday August 4.
There will be an opening reception on Thursday August 8 and a closing reception on the last day. We will have another ACNY meeting in the coming months to finalize additional details – date to be determined.

1. IMMEDIATELY, I need you to verify that your contact information in the attached ACNY Contact List is correct. Reply to me and let me know. Please add your cell phone if you have one.

2. The deadline to confirm your participation in the show is FEBRUARY 15, 2019. Kindly reply to me and let me know as soon as you know, don’t wait until the last minute if possible.

3. If you are planning on participating in the show, send your yearly membership dues of $50 to Fran Medodf. (address in contact list.) There will be NO fee to participate in the show.

4. The deadline to submit your image for the postcard and all other show advertising is APRIL 1, 2019.

5. Website update: Please note the new website address:
If you haven’t done so already, email Dongjune an image of yourself for the artist tab. Also, email him images of new work if you like.

That’s all for now. Again, please reply to me regarding your contact info. I have NO INFO for Ruth Levine. Can someone please provide? Thanks again everyone.

Kind Regards,
Julann Gebbie
Marketing Volunteer